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CONSIGNER OVERSEAS EDUCATION study abroad consultants are planned to be a network of professionally managed organizations that give solutions for students who want study abroad and settlement options for people who want to immigrate abroad. We know that in the twenty-first century, education and immigration programs must achieve specific standards.

In the event that any of our international students have questions or concerns, we are only a phone call or an email away.

Students who attend  are expected to build analytical, interpersonal, foresight, and creative thinking qualities that will serve them well in the 21st-century workplace and beyond for the best places to study abroad.

We have the best countries to study abroad and we create a conducive learning environment that encourages students to pursue further education abroad with study abroad. Those who want to immigrate from other nations may also find a home here. Our guiding principles are able to match a student’s profile to the best opportunities accessible to them for a study abroad.

In the realm of international education and study abroad, a well-known brand that offers assistance to those seeking post-secondary education at institutions outside of their own country.  

Our expert counselors like getting to know students and their families in order to better understand their interests and needs before offering suggestions for relevant Courses, Universities/Colleges, and the finest study abroad possibilities. 

Study Abroad

When it comes to studying abroad or making decisions about foreign education, we are well aware of the challenges that may be encountered. We help students at every step of the process, from choosing their programs to picking the finest institution or university in the best nation for them to helping with Funds and Statements of Purpose (SOP), from Study Permit filing to finding housing while studying abroad.

Departure Booklet’ includes information on all aspects of travel, including the first few days of your stay in each of the countries we service.

To give you a flavor o what it is like to be a student in a foreign country, we organize seminars on immigration and other topics from time to time.

Pre-departure briefings are offered to ensure that you are informed of all the crucial facts to bear in mind before your travel. Our ‘Pre-You will get the chance to meet alumni from a wide range of universities throughout the world who can help you better understand the way of life and culture of people in various countries and continents. It is possible that you will run with other students who are traveling to the same location as you, which will help to create a sense of community

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