About IElTS

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an exam to evaluate a candidate’s English proficiency. Candidates who are eager to study at a well-known English-speaking university or move to an English-speaking country will find this test useful in many countries for migration and research purposes. Choose to receive. The test is done for work, study, or transition. Millions of candidates take the  Best IELTS test each year, especially if they are considering moving to another country. Best IELTS coaching center in Delhi.

Non-native English speakers choose to take this test to demonstrate their ability to understand, read, write and speak English. The IELTS classes are Laxmi Nagar. the test is managed by two organizations, the IDP and the British Council, and this test is produced by CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.

How the Test is to be Taken?

There are two ways to take the test on paper or on your computer. If you want to take the IELTS exam, you have the option to choose. This issue is entirely at the student's convenience. There is no difference in difficulty or format with any of the options. It is important to choose the module carefully, as students need to know to IELTS ACADEMIC in Laxmi Nagar and IELTS GENERAL what the purpose of these tests is.

IELTS Classes – Test Format

As told above, IELTS is the test to check the language skills that are reading, listening, writing and speaking. You can get done of your listening, reading and writing test with or without taking any gaps in between. For the speaking test, a candidate has to make an online booking for the slot preferred as per your time and date. If you don’t choose any slot, then a slot would be automatically allotted to you. The completion time for the test is 3 hours.

IELTS Listening Test

Time Duration- 40 minutes

During this test, the candidate has to listen to four recordings and then answer the question asked as per the recording. The recording will be of native English speakers to make sure you would able to understand that language.30 minute for listening & 10 minute for answer transfer

IELTS Reading Test

Time Duration- 60 minutes

Under this test, the candidate has to answer the 40 questions and this test is prepared in a way so that candidate’s reading skills can be checked. During the test, the candidate has to read main ideas, details, gist, logical arguments, getting now about the writer’s ideas, intentions and opinions.

IELTS Writing Test

Time Duration- 60 minutes

In this test 2TASKS are given task1 is different for both modules, REPORT WRITING (academic) and LETTER WRITING (general) whereas, task2 is ESSAY WRITING is same for both modules. It is to check the interpretation of a person that he is able to present his ideas thoughts and support it or not.

IELTS Speaking Test

Time Duration- 11 to 14 minutes

The IELTS speaking test will judge your spoken English skills. This test is recorded and gets done in three different parts.

IELTS Academic

If you have a dream to get higher education or professional registration in various foreign English speaking countries then you need to clear the IELTS Academic test. It contains the features of academic language. Also, it will help to evaluate that, are you ready to begin studying or training or not

IELTS Generals

Candidates who want to go to the English speaking countries for work experience or training programs, they need to clear the IELTS General Training test. Also it is required when any individual wants to migrate to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. This test is taken to examine the candidate’s original survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts.

Band Format

There is no pass or fail. IELTS is scored on nine band scale . Band 1(non-user)to band 9(expert user) and there is also a 0 score band for those who did not attempt the test.